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One-stop destination for those looking to experience, discover and explore the growing world of cannabis.

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To create a unique premium cannabis experience to consumers by providing a knowledgeable and trusted retail establishment. Helping our customers make well-informed decisions while assisting in the change of public perception on cannabis safety, consumption and benefits. The SPOT for everyone. No matter your consumption needs we provide the level of service, knowledge and high quality products every consumer is looking for.

A comfortable atmosphere that invites anyone to experience, discover and explore the growing world of cannabis.

Regardless of who you are or what form of cannabis you are seeking “The SPOT” should be a destination marked for you.




The Spot Cannabis Logo

We had an amazing first year of bussiness! Big thank you to our amazing staff and YOU our guests for all your support. Can’t wait to bring you new and exciting things in 2022.

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You got questions, we have the answers

Find answers to your questions about our store, buying requirements, and our products.

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What to consider when selecting a Burlington dispensary?

Search “Weed dispensaries Burlington” or “Cannabis dispensaries Burlington” and you will have many results to choose from. Proximity and convenience are an important factor when deciding, yes, but it is also very important to consider what specific products you are shopping for. The retail world of cannabis is constantly evolving and fast paced with new products being released each week. This can be overwhelming as a consumer with so many different options to choose from, which is why it is so important for your Burlington dispensary to have the right production selection for you.

Why choose The Spot Cannabis as your Burlington dispensary?

There is no shortage of cannabis dispensaries in Burlington, so making your choice may be difficult, but The Spot Cannabis has made it easy and should be your go-to spot. The perfect combination of excellent and efficient service. We take pride in our product knowledge and education because we know the impact that can have on you as a guest. The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and here at The Spot Cannabis, we do the work for you. At The Spot Cannabis you will find a wide range of product assortment because we feel it is very important for cannabis to be accessible for everyone. With many different consumption methods, we here at The Spot Cannabis ensure we have something for everyone, the spot for everything and everyone. Asides from having the good stuff (weed, cannabis, whatever you call it!), our guest experience is priority. We pride ourselves on having very knowledgeable staff that are always here for whatever you need. Our budtenders are passionate, personable and attentive. It could be your first time in a Burlington dispensary or perhaps you have been going to a weed store for years and are looking to make the switch to a Burlington dispensary… either way The Spot Cannabis is for you and we can’t wait to see you in-store!

What started The Spot Cannabis?

The Spot Cannabis is a local family owned and operated Burlington Dispensary, now with a second location in Waterdown! Our focus is on providing an exceptional guest experience, trusted product knowledge and a specially curated product menu to serve our communities.

What are The Spot Cannabis offerings and products?

The Spot Cannabis is a well trusted Burlington dispensary for many reasons, one of those being our product selection. We carry a wide selection of cannabis in many different consumption methods. Not just a weed store Burlington… perhaps you are looking for an edible or topical, we have you covered! From cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates including hash, edibles, beverages, topicals, oils, capsules and CBD based products. Visit our dispensary to learn more or shop all available products online.

Can I buy cannabis online from The Spot Cannabis?

Yes, you can! It is important to us at The Spot Cannabis to ensure our offerings and product selection is accessible for everyone. We offer delivery, in store pickup, curbside pick up and of course in store shopping. Our website is always up to date with our current live inventory for each location, our Burlington Dispensary and Waterdown Dispensary. Shop accurate product info including THC and CBD percentages, terpene profiles, potential effects, and pricing online. To place an order online for in store pickup, curbside pickup, or delivery you will need to enter some information. We understand the hesitation with entering personal and payment information online, however we take your confidentiality and privacy very seriously and do not use that information for any other purposes. By regulation we are required to have and verify first and last name, date of birth and payment card info matching on both the order receipt and in person for all pickup and or delivery orders. Pickup orders can be placed at any time and picked up during our regular store operations hours based on the location (the Burlington dispensary and or the Waterdown dispensary). We currently offer delivery Tuesday – Saturday between 1-8pm within a specific delivery radius covering Burlington, Waterdown, Campbellsville, Milton, and Oakville.

How much cannabis can I purchase from your dispensary?

Persons aged 19 and older may purchase and possess up to a maximum or equivalent to thirty grams (one ounce) of dried cannabis. Equivalent to thirty grams includes other cannabis consumables outside of the dried flower categories like vaporizer cartridges, edibles, beverages etc. Because dried cannabis is used to make these other consumable products, they all have a “equivalent to” amount measured in grams. For example, it could take 5 grams of dried cannabis flower to make a beverage that contains 2 milligrams of THC, this beverage would have an equivalent of 5 grams so you would be able to purchase 6 of these beverages with the thirty gram limit.

What payment methods does your dispensary accept?

The Spot Cannabis accepts many different types of payments methods including the following, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Pre-Paid credit cards and The Spot Cannabis Gift Cards! We do not accept American Express. The Spot Cannabis Gift Cards make the perfect gift and are available in many different denominations ranging from $10 – $200. The Spot Cannabis gift cards can be purchased online as well! However, the gift cards can only be redeemed on purchases instore.


3247 Appleby Line, Units 3 & 4

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