cbd oil and flower

Our Mission

To create a unique premium cannabis experience to consumers by providing a knowledgeable and trusted retail establishment. Helping our customers make well-informed decisions while assisting in the change of public perception on cannabis safety, consumption and benefits. The SPOT for everyone. No matter your consumption needs we provide the level of service, knowledge and high quality products every consumer is looking for. A comfortable atmosphere that invites anyone to experience, discover and explore the growing world of cannabis.


Regardless of who you are or what form of cannabis you are seeking “The SPOT” should be a destination marked for you.

The SPOT to Learn

Education on cannabis products, their varying uses and wide range of benefits. There is always something to learn.

The SPOT to Explore

We offer a specially curated selection of cannabis products & accessories with something for everyone to explore.

The SPOT to Experience

Whether you are a new, experienced or curious consumer, we are here to experience with you.

The SPOT to Experiment

A safe and comfortable environment is important when dabbling in highs, always start with a trip to The SPOT.

The SPOT to Feel Welcome

Everything and everyone. Welcome to The SPOT community, we are excited to get to know you!

Your Go-To SPOT

Stay a little or a while we are here for you and everything you need. The Spot is a destination marked for you.


3247 Appleby Line, Units 3 & 4


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